How to use your “Time of the Month” and really go in!

Every month us women go through what we like to call our “period”. We become emotional, cranky and everything starts to come up.. even the pimples. We tend to hate this time because of those things but I want to turn that around and let you know that this is an amazing opportunity for you to go “in”. We have this time once a month to really “release” not only physically but emotionally and to look at what is coming up and work through it. So if I am cranky lets see what the “emotional root” is that is tied to this feeling.

For me, I just got mine and what a relief it was. It felt like everything was coming up and I had all the symptoms combined into one. I started looking in and tried figuring out what I was holding onto. Some of things that came up were trusting of oneself, listening to my voice and pressures that I have put on myself over the last year or two. I had to dive in and ask myself, Why is this coming up right now? How can I go in and look at this and heal it? Here are some steps I took to resolve it.

1. Fill up your bath and use either epsom salt or bath beads inside the tub.

2. Light some sage and or a candle.

3. Just sit for a moment.

4. Place one hand on your heart and one hand your lower belly (2nd Chakra) and breathe slowly.

5. Ask Yourself what are you holding onto? What is causing this discomfort/feeling I have inside me?

6. See and feel what that is and just surrender.

7. Take a few moments to feel it fully and see how it correlates with the situation that is coming up right now.

8. Once you recognize it, start going in and healing what that is and forgiving yourself for that pain in your life.

9. If you would like to go deeper try to recall the first time you felt this in your life the “root cause” and start healing and forgiving that situation.

10. Now place one hand on your heart and one on your lower belly again and imagine all the light and love from God, Source to flow in you.. Just breathe taking as many breathes as you need. Take in all the light and love..

Then the most important thing to say is, I Love YOU to YOU. That’s when the shift starts happening within you and your heart starts vibrating. It’s time to open yourself up to receive not only your Love but Love from others.

If you need to work through it a little more take out a pen and paper or journal and start writing it out. Release what needs to get out from your mind and your heart.

It’s time to shine my beauties and how grateful are we for this opportunity!

Thank you all for reading and I love YOU!

Written By Sarah Bisarello