Sarah here from The Love All. You have probably been wondering where we have been?

It has been one wild summer here living in Kauai! With what seems like everyone is going through massive changes we are now feeling more settled and grounded to be able to serve in a good way.

Some of the lessons or shall I gifts this Island has given is to “allow” and not “push”, fully surrendering to the flow and connect with Nature. They call this way of life the “aina”. Where Nature, Mother Nature leads the way.  Like anything, you don’t know what is going to happen you may have a clue but everyday is a new day and an opportunity to make a new and choose LOVE! Trusting in that and letting go of control is one of the hardest things to do as humans and also the 1st step in healing.  With nature as our ally, It helps us release control, realize our own True Nature and assists us in the awakening process. Nature is every giving, we just have to be open to receive and take care of her in a good way.

Nature Practice

Here is a simple practice to get reacquainted with nature, release worries, anxiety and tapping into ones True Nature.


After a walk/hike in nature simply sit or lay down on earth. Allow yourself to become centered and calm tuning into oneself.  Then place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly, taking deep breaths in and out of your nose allowing all thoughts, worries, fears and to do lists to drop away.

Once you feel calm, place both hands on the ground letting your body fully relax and sink in.  Close your eyes and allow yourself to submerge and “feel” taking deep breaths in and out through your belly. Any fears or worries that you may have at the moment, allow them to subside into mother. Then say I am open to receive, I am open for all the messages and love. From there without any expectations allow your body to fill up with the energy of earth through your whole being, it can seem super weird in the beginning but it will get easier and easier.  It can feel like something as simple as a vibration in your body or light, each person is different and will have a different experience. After a minute or two you will be more relaxed and able to just rest and receive the love. You can stay there as long as you wish. Once finished say Thank you to YOU and Mother Earth.

Doing this daily can start shifting you to see nature with a new set of eyes and can bring peace, serenity and love to your life. Video soon to come .

One of the new steps and ways I teach 30 Days Self Love now is doing it in Nature. Which allows a deeper process to happen. I am excited to share more of this process with you in the upcoming weeks!

Upcoming Events

Self Love Sundays

I am thrilled to announce that starting this Sunday, September 9th at 10AM Hawaii time I will be holding free Self Love talks and inspiration. Each week will be a different topic surrounding Self Love.

Some of the topics include:

-What is Self Love and what it’s not?

-Healing emotionally and physically traumas, patterns and illusions

Nourishing your body with yummy foods and fasting.

-Self Love and Selflessness 

-Trusting oneself

-Becoming a Parent

-Aligning with your Divine Partner

-30 Days Self Love process, how it works, what can come up and tools needed.

-Meditations and daily practices

How it works:

Each week will be a specific topic revolved around Self Love. It will be presented either through Zoom meeting, free live stream webinar or an audio/video. The topic will vary week by week and will evolve naturally based on the needs and the energy of the collective.

This Sunday will be a Live Zoom meeting!


-What is Self Love is and what isn’t?

-Simple tools and how to do The 30 Days Self Love Practice

You will be able to ask questions and join in with any thoughts or comments.

To participate follow the link here and be sure to click on the link at 10AM Hawaii time

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!

Free Consultation

Do you need extra guidance, support or have questions? I am here to help and offering a free 30 minute sessions.

During our call, we’ll talk about your current situation, any challenges you may have how to start feeling better and Loving YOU!

You can sign up by clicking the link here and choosing a time that works for YOU!

With Love and Gratitude,

Sarah Bisarello