Free Program

We believe that self love is for all and here everyone that desires to engage in this practice will find the guidelines on how to do so

How To Get Started

Congratulations on making the commitment! Are you ready to get started?!

Repeat out loud:
I (your name) am committed to doing the 30 Days Self Love Challenge.
I promise to be gentle and love myself during this process.
I am making this commitment to do a video every day and most importantly to say I LOVE YOU (your name)

Step 1

Peaceful environment:

Find a calm and peaceful place, in nature if possible.

Download the app:

Download the app by searching for 30 Days Self Love in the Itunes store.

Get set up:

Grab your phone or recording device where you can face yourself, that is very important. You must be able to look at yourself while you are talking. This starts the process of truly seeing YOU.

Record and say I love you:

Hit record and say “I love you.. then your name” to YOU for 30 Days.
**It is important to use the word “Love” not anything else

Step 2

Be True To Yourself

Make an assessment on how saying, “I Love You” feels and share it on the video. Expand on it and tell yourself about it. Talk about what is coming up in your life. Be honest and vulnerable. It is important that your conscious self hears how are you feeling.

Step 3

Bring the love

When feelings and emotions start to come up whether they make you feel bad, sad or the need to cry, feel them and let it out. Then bring the love back and be grateful for it as they were all apart of your process.

Step 4


End the video by saying, “I love you and Thank YOU!”