DIY Online Program


DIY 30 Days Self Love Program is an alternative way to do this practice on your own with recorded guidance and pdf’s. See below for more info.  10% of all proceeds got to Reforestation and preserving mother Earth.

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    Welcome to The 30 Days Self Love DIY Online Program.

    The DIY Online program is a great option when doing 30DaysSelfLove if you are wanting more support and guidance but still want to do it on your own. This is a five week journey full of great information, tools and tips on how to do this practice.

    How it works:

    You will have access to all audio recordings to listen to them as many times as you need. Within the recordings there’s all the information and guidance needed to do the 30 Days Self Love journey. Each recording has the instructions on what to do and will guide you step-by-step through the whole process.

    What is included:

    -Weekly recordings available anytime with how to’s and structured guidelines along with PDF material with added teachings.


    -Within the month we will be diving deep into learning more about self-love and what comes with it.

    -I will be teaching you how to unveil and connect with your true self and start really listening to YOU!

    -Discussing the science behind this work and how your body and molecules start to change from within.

    -You will learn how to recognize and become aware of the patterns and relationships you have created in your life for your own healing.

    While doing this yourself, if you need extra support or guidance please email me at and we can set up a session over the phone.



    About Sarah Bisarello

    Sarah Bisarello has dedicated her life to help and serve others awaken to their highest potential. The practice of Self Love, inspired by the scientific findings of Dr. Emoto, has changed the life of many. Infusing love into our system has as a result a domino effect that percolates the frequency of love to all aspects of life, inside and out.  The results are healing, self empowerment, heartfulness and more. She assists in this process by offering simple daily practices, meditations and programs designed for groups and individual.