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30 Days Self Love Online Group Program

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    Welcome to The 30 Days Self Love group program.

    This is a private online program designed for groups of people who would like to do this practice together in a sacred space guided by me.

    I will be the group’s guide during the program. As each group is unique, I’ll be personalizing the experience and teachings according to the personal and collective needs of the group. This will allow us to go deeper into spaces that might be needed, when the time calls, according to each persons and collective process.

    How it works:

    You will have the option to join an existing ongoing group or create a group of your own and coordinate with me a time that is suitable for all.

    What will be included:

    Within the month we will be diving deep into learning more about self-love and what comes with it.

    I will be teaching you how to unveil and connect with your true self and start really listening to YOU!

    Discussing the science behind this work and how your body and molecules start to change from within.

    You will learn how to recognize and become aware of the patterns and relationships you have created in your life for your own healing.

    5 one hour sessions, one per week meet-ups via zoom with meditations, teachings and discussions.
    Plus, 2 emails a week for extra support

    Week by week guidance with pdf’s and audios

    Private facebook group where we can stay connected on a daily basis, share videos and inspiration.

    The group setting is a safe haven for us to open up, surrender and be there for each other during our healing and awakening.

    Please send me the number of participants of your group to

    If you need support, slide and scale on contribution please reach out, It is also available to play class week by week 30/week.

    About Sarah Bisarello

    Sarah Bisarello has dedicated her life to help and serve others awaken to their highest potential. The practice of Self Love, inspired by the scientific findings of Dr. Emoto, has changed the life of many. Infusing love into our system has as a result a domino effect that percolates the frequency of love to all aspects of life, inside and out.  The results are healing, self empowerment, heartfulness and more. She assists in this process by offering simple daily practices, meditations and programs designed for groups and individual.


    Hear what others are saying:

    “I would recommend 30 Days to anybody ready to make a commitment to themselves. And suggest it even of they aren’t.  It has helped me in so many areas. 1st thing I noticed was how taking 5 minutes a day for myself lead to me being more active.  I started walking more and keeping up on things around my house. It helped my motivation.  I went into the practice lacking some of the confidence I once had. Since finishing it has taught me how to quiet some of the negative chatter in my mind. I would definitely do this practice again.

    Sarah was an amazing guide through and through. She was gentle,  encouraging,  and really helped to coax your “AHA” “breakthroughs ” to come out. She had great insight on why they where coming up and what practices to work through them. 
    Like I said I would recommend this to anyone ready to delve deep into themselves and would do this many more times.”
    Stephanie from Florida