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    Personalized Self Love Program

    This is an opportunity to work one on one on the 30 Days Self Love practice. Within this program I will be guiding and holding space for you to empower and awaken oneself through self love. This will be personalized to fit your needs and where you are at in your life. I will be offering specific practices and tools and doing one on one sessions throughout.

    Are you ready to start listening to you? To find out who you really are and why you are here? To start trusting and loving oneself fully

    What’s included

    5 one hour sessions, one per week.
    Extra session $150/hr

    Plus, 3 emails a week support

    Week by week guidance with pdf’s and audios

    Loving support!


    About Sarah Bisarello

    Sarah Bisarello has dedicated her life to help and serve others awaken to their highest potential. The practice of Self Love, inspired by the scientific findings of Dr. Emoto, has changed the life of many. Infusing love into our system has as a result a domino effect that percolates the frequency of love to all aspects of life, inside and out.  The results are healing, self empowerment, heartfulness and more. She assists in this process by offering simple daily practices, meditations and programs designed for groups and individual.