Self-Love vs. Narcissism

A common question I get from people is how is Self-Love different from Narcissism and how can it turn into it?

My answer is this.. You are not falling in love with the “Image” of yourself, you are falling in love with your TRUE Self. You are accepting yourself fully. Narcissism is selfish, it takes and doesn’t want to share.. Self-Love fills you with love in your heart so it can overflow and be given to others.

This practice can turn into Narcissism very easily when you focus on your image and filling up your ego. When you base your worth on the way you look, to the things you buy, to pretty much everything outside of you it becomes narcissism. It is important to understand while doing this practice to just be real and not bullshit yourself. Really look at yourself and see what you have been lying about or denying that isn’t allowing you to love and accept yourself fully.

For more information on how to do #30DaysSelfLove please take a look at this video below. 🙂

How to Do #30DaysSelfLove

Love and Blessings,
Sarah Karges